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Happy New Year!


I’ve noticed that an overwhelming number of new subscribers have logged in lately, and I wanted to just check in after my longish leave of absence!

So first off, Happy New Year!

Between my on-going battle against a mysterious health infliction, my even more fatiguing battle to find the right school for my 5 year-old next year, my ever-tiring efforts to find the right balance between work and family, the loss of my last tutoring client* , a long winter break and then, immediately following, a two week stint (so far) of child illnesses, I’ve just been too beat to contribute…

But I assure you that will end soon!

And, speaking of, thank you again for following this beat-up minivan (did I mention I’ve been rear-ended twice this year?)!!

Looking forward to a whole new year of laughter, friends, development and, let’s be honest, poop.



* An unforeseen occurrence that happened about a month ago when my 83-year-old millionaire (billionaire) student invited me to join him at a hotel for the afternoon. Payment included. His wife was in the other room as he made his offer. And he interrupted that very same lesson to call his ‘girlfriend’ and make a ‘date’ with her – at the hotel – that afternoon. I’m inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt that the lapse in judgement was due to his deteriorating mental facilities, however, I’m sure as hell never going back there!

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