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Update on Liver (AKA I Hate Breath-Hold MRIs)


If you read my Thanksgiving post, you will know that I’ve been waiting to discover what’s going on with my liver. Well, in case you’re interested, here’s the update.

In short, I’m good! I do not have cancer. That is always the most important news, right?

The longer answer is… well they still aren’t completely 100% sure. It’s an hemangioma (the most common, benign mass you can have in your liver; up to 20% of the population has at least one, and most likely doesn’t even know and will never have any complication from it.

The doctor who sent me for the test assured me that I’m fine and no need to worry. However, the doctor who referred me to that doctor (who also got the results from the MRI), said he wants an hepatic specialist to look it over again because the radiologist indicated thrombosis (ie clotting).

Thrombosis, it turns out,  is one of the rare complications you can have with an hemangioma.

So now I wait some more.

Strange to me that the radiologist saw clotting, the referring doctor disagrees and the primary doctor said everything was fine and didn’t even bother mentioning that I had a tumor in my liver. And of course, the scans and results are not posted to my online patient portal because heaven forbid a patient has access to her own medical records!

The bureaucracy of medicine in this country is awesome. Just saying.

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